Yulong Lli

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Yulong Lli is a Shanghai-based freelance illustrator and MFA student at the China Academy of Art. His illustration style blends the cultures of eastern and western Shanghai, and draws inspiration from vintage illustration posters, Modernism and graphic design. He is always experimenting with new ways to tell stories through illustration, utilizing his sense of color and composition.


Communication Arts illustration annual
American Illustration 38 chosen winner
SoI illustrators 60 exhibition
Hiii illustration award 2016 Best of the best
3X3 illustration annual
Behance appreciation award portfolio reviews
ADAA Top Talent

Client List

Hong Kong Airlines
ELLE Decoration
GQ magazine
Bloomberg Businessweek
Men’s Health
Modern Weekly magazine
German-Chinese Magazine
Culture trip
Pernod Ricard China
Johnson and Johnson
Taikooli Chengdu
IFS Changsha
Guangdong Dance Festival

When l get a new assignment, l think about the main idea behind the story. After some research and paper doodling, l will provide 2-3 digital sketches with color schemes for the client to choose from. Once the final sketch and color scheme is confirmed, I move on to the final illustration.

Wacom Cintiq and Photoshop CC are my main drawing equipment.

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