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Yadi Liu is an award-winning visual artist. She was born in China and is now based in New York City. Her unique style is characterized by curvy shapes and strong, vibrant colors. Most of her artworks are produced using digital media. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Master of Fine Arts degree in illustration.
Inspired by cubism and expressionism, she is passionate about finding the optimum balance between illustration and modern art. She has won many major awards including a Gold Medal at the Society of Illustrators, and a Silver Medal at the MoCCA Arts Festival, a Jury Award in Hit Illustration, 3×3 Illustration, and Al-AP American Illustration, etc. Her works have been frequently exhibited in many international galleries, exhibitions, festivals. Her clients include Apple, Nike, Square, The New York Times, VOGUE, and more.


2023 ADC Awards Merit Winner

2022 65 Society of Illustrators Annual Award

2022 Hüi Illustration

2022  CQ 70 Creative Quarterly

2021 64 Society of Illustrators Annual Award

2020 World of Illustrators

2020 63 Society of Illustrators Annual Award

2020 MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence

2020 Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles West 58

2019 MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence

2019 AI-AP 38 Annual Award book & website

2019 3×3 Illustration Annual No. 16 Merit

2018 3×3 Illustration Annual No. 15

2018 CQ 54 Creative Quarterly

2014 Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Annual Exhibition

Client List

Nike Jordan
Dolce & Gabbana
Johnnie Walker
Morgan Stanley
The New York Times
The New Yorker
The Washington Post
Los Angeles Times
Harper’s Bazaar
The Hollywood Reporter
Society of Illustrators
Bust Magazine
The New Republic
Dame Products
Nonefy Spring
SOVRN Skateboards
Vine Pair
Morning Brew
Rebel Girls

When I receive the project details, I start by considering how it makes me feel. I jot down important words and then explore ideas related to these keywords to create a mood board.

Using my iPad, I visually represent these words in a relaxed and free manner. I aim to create characters with flowing lines that exude vibrancy.

Based on the thumbnail sketch, I refine the drawings on my iPad, creating clear black and white versions. If needed, I can present these options to the client for their selection and make changes based on their feedback.

I transfer the files to my computer and use Photoshop to apply the main plain colors.

I add more intricate details and enhance the gradient based on the initial color choices, giving the artwork a polished look.

Once the artwork is completed, I deliver it to the client. If necessary, I can make some additional changes based on their preferences.

Lastly, I save the finished artwork and provide it to the client.

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