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Vanessa Branchi is an Italian illustrator currently living and working in Berlin. Her creative path began whilst studying Graphic Design in Florence before relocating to London to seek new forms of inspiration and collaborative relationships. During the 5 years spent in London she refined the style of her illustrations focusing on smooth shapes and a bold and evocative colour palette, whilst working with a wide range of clients and offering her illustrations for different medias and purposes.

Ready to step out of her comfort zone Vanessa moved to eclectic Berlin at the beginning of 2018 ready to get inspired by the colorful city and to experiment with new medias such as painting and ceramic.

In recent years she has worked with digital, editorial and textile mediums, whilst continuing to develop her personal projects which experiment with shape, form and colour.

Client List

TIME Magazine
The Wall Street Journal
Bank of America
The Scientific American
The Times
Time Out Magazine
New Scientist
The Telegraph
Good Housekeeping

I like to begin by researching the brief and consider the themes, topics and concepts that need to be illustrated. I then like to jot down initial thoughts, words and feelings that evoke in my mind–however random–to widely consider as many options as possible.

When I feel I’m on an interesting path or direction, I like to make some initial sketches using pencil and paper until I’ve reached a stage of having 2-3 more refined drawings as ideas that I feel confident to share with a client. If I feel inspired by one of the sketches in particular, I will quickly draw and vectorize it digitally to give a better idea towards a final draft.

Once a sketch or draft concept has been approved I then refine it again using pencil and paper before moving on to digitizing it and creating different colour palettes to choose from. I work closely with the client towards a final stage of refinement, considering the colour, line and shape of the illustration(s) to best meet the brief.

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