Tallulah Fontaine

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Tallulah Fontaine is an illustrator and artist from Edmonton, Alberta. She is currently based between Los Angeles and Montreal.

Client List

The New York Times
The Walrus
The New Yorker
Pop-Up Magazine
Reader’s Digest
Teen Vogue
West Elm
Runner’s World
The National Observer
Sierra Magazine
Pop Montreal
The Literary Review of Canada
National Geographic

After reviewing the materials and discussing with the client, my progress usually begins with a series of rough sketches to work out the concepts and compositions. I’ll then send 3 or so sketches to be approved. Once a sketch is chosen, I’ll work on a more detailed final sketch that may include any revisions the client has requested. Then, I trace out all the elements and hand paint them in watercolor or gouache. That way I can hand make all the washes and textures I am looking for. Those are then scanned into Photoshop, where I work digitally to color all the elements and put together the final composition!

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