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Piotr Jablonski (nicponim) is a concept artist / illustrator from Bialystok, Poland who graduated from the Architecture department of Technical University of Bialystok. His clients include Arkane Studios, Aaron Sims Creative,Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Platige Image, Applibot, NetEase Games,Tokkun Studio, Aggressive Tv, Centipede Press, Ixorvfx, Applibot, Evermotion and many more. 

Client List

Arkane Studios
Aaron Sims Creative
Wizards of the Coast
Games Workshop
Platige Image
NetEase Games
Tokkun Studio
Aggressive Tv
Centipede Press

“when i start work i always have main idea in my head. I know what kind of mood, climate, composition, or emotions i want to catch. I dont know how it will looks like, but i know what kind of mood it will be.
Next step its just sketching. Traditional or digital. I often use Alchemy program to sketch and fast block light and shadows. Then i go to photoshop and starts painting. First i try to catch my color palete, and mood.
This is in my opinion premier process of my painting. Ive never go to paint details etc, when i dont sure about color palete or value/shadows/light or mood situation. And the last thing its just painting. Adding details, add more color varations, etc.
Its my favourtie part. I just love painting and see how details, how brush strokes completes image. When i finished image, i give one or two days break and look again on my piece with ‘fresh eye’. Its really good way, because when you paint your works for a few days you can just dont see some mistakes etc.”

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