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Paul Cox’s approach over the years has changed in that he has become braver about reorganising his subjects, architecture and perspective in his topographical work to make the images more dynamic. However the subjects of interest and his attitude hasn’t changed. Why watercolour? Paul doesn’t work with a traditional watercolour technique, he works quite loosely, allowing the brush work to define the drawing, leaving wet areas to introduce and mix new colours and tonal values. Due to the speed he generally works at, the medium can convey a gestural response to a life situation and, at it’s best, can look fresh and luminous.

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St Mary’s Hospital
British Medical Journal
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Guest Informant
Chase Manhattan Bank
Madison Square Gardens

Watercolour, line and wash is my medium of choice. It is most suited to the way I like to work – quickly laying down washes whilst introducing and mixing new colours into wet areas. This enables some remodelling and adjustment but requires very fast responses. There is very little over painting, as this tends to deaden the luminosity and diminish the vibrancy of the colours. I also like to leave white areas to show the edges of brush strokes accentuating the sense of movement.

I work on a variety of Arches papers from heavy 600 gsm for the larger paintings and lighter weights for illustrations where I need to see the ‘ghost’ of a line sketch underneath the paper. I use Windsor and Newton colours and masking fluid to block out areas using stencils, dry brushes or sponges to create texture.

Working on location and the challenges it presents has been a major influence on how my style has developed and the medium I have chosen to work in.

When outdoors I draw with acrylic inks on a large drawing board, which I rest on my hip. I will always work standing in busy situations this helps with my choice of perspective and discourages onlookers. I have developed an all encompassing fish eye version of perspective to make it possible to be more inclusive of the whole scene and reflect more accurately how the eye reads the peripheral elements.

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