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Michal Lisowski is an illustrator and concept artist based in Warsaw, Poland. For several years he participates in many advertising projects, feature films, animation and video games. The most interesting projects he has worked on was a series of animations for Halo 4, numerous illustrations for Ubisoft, Disney, Discovery Channel, HBO and conceptual work and moodboards for MTV, Warner Bros. Pictures. whether indigenous film production – Suicide Room dir. Jan Komasa or Lullaby dir. Juliusz Machulski. His work and tutorials has been multiple publicated in a series of books of Ballistic Publising and 3D Total. Selected clients includes: the Platige Image, Ars Thanea, Axis Animation, La Chose, McCann Eriksson, Havas Worldwide, Orka Film, Chimney Pot, 3D Total, Privateer Press.

Client List

Platige Image
Blizzard Entertainment
Ars Thanea
British Airways
Discovery Channel
Axis Animation
Dying Light
Halo 4 Spartan Ops
The Wall Street Journal
Arkane Studios
Roof Studio
La Chose
McCann Eriksson
Havas Worldwide
Orka Film
Chimney Pot
3D Total
Privateer Press

I believe that really good art comes from the choices I made, not the technique or number of brushstrokes. No matter if my work is commercial or personal – an idea may be clue of good illustration. Always trying to communicate with the client and directly understand the idea. I’m a digital painter, everything I am doing happens on the screen of my computer – except the doodle stage, sometimes I prefer my sketchbook and pencil. My workfolow is very obvious – at he start bunch of sketches to achieve overal composition – now it’s time to make first choice, as good as it possible – If work is commercial it’s up to client, pick a favourite one. I’m trying to discuss and not to be too passive. Now it’s time to collect some references and establish key colors for the scene, if everything goes fine and everyone is happy at this stage I can polish everything and execute final artwork.

Check the video of my process here: http://vimeo.com/86198968

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