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Self-taught Polish illustrator and character designer, Michal Dziekan also has a background in film and animation. He brings to life themes revolving around society and every day life, through his somewhat grotesque, absurd, and humorous approach in illustration.

One of his most involved projects up to date, more than 40 of Michal’s illustrations were published in Polish reporters magazine “Duży Format Magazyn” – this is the longest cooperation to date DF has had with single illustrator. Following this elaborate project, in 2010 Michal became the main illustrator for the biggest advertising campaign of the Polish National Bank – PKO Bank Polski – and from 2011-2016, Michal created more than 300 illustrations for this campaign.

Michal’s quirky sensibility coupled with his immense illustrative talent, have proven to be well-taken amongst his peers, and in 2013, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles awarded him with Silver Medal in Editorial category.

Client List

DDB Warsaw
Havas Worldwide
TBWA Dubai
Phunn and Dunn
Platige Image
Ars Thanea
Flying Wild Hog
PKO Bank Polski
Wall Street Journal
American Interest
Highlights magazine
cNet magazine
Briefings magazine
Physicians Practice
ACC Docket
Duży Format
Wysokie Obcasy
Gazeta Wyborcza

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