Maya Ish-Shalom

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Maya Ish-Shalom is an Israeli illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her B.Des from the Department of Visual Communication in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. ُShe tells stories through colorful, lively illustrations that spark viewers’ imagination and empathy. Maya’s portfolio varies from minimalist and simple illustrations to highly detailed, complex works. She enjoys turning some of her illustrations into animated loops. Her work has been recognized by various organizations, including the Society of illustrators, American Illustration, Little Hakka, Hiii brand, and 3×3 Magazine.
Client List

The New Yorker
New York Times
The Washington Post
Financial Times
Harvard Magazine
Architect Magazine
Bust Magazine
Culture Trip
Penguin Random House
Chronicle Books
LaPlaca Cohen
FCB Health
Fahrenheit 212

After I receive the brief from the client, I usually open my sketchbook and start making tiny sketches and writing different ideas and feelings that come to mind, I usually do some background research to better understand the subject matter, and get some visual ideas also this way. After I have a few ideas that I’m happy with, I move to the computer to create digital sketches in photoshop, usually in color, since I feel very comfortable sketching in shapes and colors. I usually send to the client 2-3 sketches that I try to make varied in terms of concepts, compositions and style.
After the client picks one of the sketches, I make revisions based on the feedback, and make final tweaks to finalize the illustrations.
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