Maciej Frolow

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I was born in 1973 in Wroclaw in Poland. After a depart to France at the age of nine I live now between those two countries with a preference for the sun in Provence and my wife in Poland. Living for images, my references are numerous and various to TV ads, Japaneese anime or some artist like Wojtek Siudmak, Paul Bonner, Rodney Matthews, Sparth or Syd Mead. The style which I developed is realistic and colored, full of details and often looking like they where in three dimensions.

Client List

ACC Docket
Angewandte Chemie
Clash of Clans
Credit Agricole
Dosch Design
First American
Journal of Oncology Practice
Maaf Assurances
Men`s Fitness UK
Procter & Gamble
Science & Vie Junior
Scientific American
Vinci Autoroutes
Women`s Health UK

The image was created for the Foundry`s holiday challenge.

My goal was to create a crazy factory where are packed teddy bears. All done by odd machines and all done in a typical Chistmas style and colors (red, green and gold).
The process shows first a quick 3D sketch of the main machine (1,2) with a ramp where slides the boxes. Next I had to design the teddy bear and it`s box (3,4). Etaps 5 to 7 shows the work on the mechanical arm with adding and refining details and textures of used metal with scratches and bumps. Etaps 8 to 10 shows the work how putting and refining all the elements together by adding ramps, copies of the arms, stacks of boxes and adding textures. I found adding old fashion lamps will make the machine more interesting. Finally adding a wooden ground was good to warm all the scene. On step 11 you can see the details of the windows stained glass added on step 12. Final image shows more light work and some smoke/dust added to create a magical atmosphere.

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