Lulu Lin

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Born in Fuzhou, China, Lulu Lin studied graphic design at Zhejiang University, and went on to complete a master’s program in illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Lulu began her freelance career providing bold designs for a variety of brands and publishing houses in China. Her illustrations were selected for two mural projects that were completed for Samesun Hostel and Cova Hotel, both located in San Francisco. Lulu has a detail-orientated approach that takes her client’s ideas to a new conceptual reality. She initially focuses on intricate linework and composition, and from there she uses an immersive sense of color to give depth to the image. For every project that Lulu takes on, she creates a unique and visionary illustration that provides the client with a conceptual solution.

Client List

Samesun Hostel
Cova Hotel
Jieli Publishing House

Lulu has a detail-orientated approach that centers on taking each client’s request from idea to reality. Her initial sketches focus on line work and overall composition. From there Lulu can focus on the details that contribute to her unique style. For every project that Lulu takes on, she wants to provide one of a kind illustrations that not only meet but exceed her clients expectations.

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