Lili des Bellons

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Lili des Bellons, born in Reims, France in 1986, is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Paris and Clermont-Ferrand in France. After graduating Supinfocom with a Digital Director’s Diploma, Lili chose to return to his origins as an illustrator.

Drawing reference from pop culture, Medieval art, African art, Japanese animation, and iconography created by poster artists in Europe, Lili works in series of 10 to 15 images which explore, and develop personal worlds. The viewer is witness to Lili’s vibrant, somewhat frightening, and futuristic illustrations, which are brought to life with its strange characters as they interact with their peculiar universes.

Lili has created dynamic narratives with his artworks, and likes to travel with his interlocutor through strange, and delightfully colorful universes.

Client List

The New Yorker
Le Monde
HOHE LUFT Magazine

1 – At first, I take the time to fully understand the intentions / ideas that the client wishes to transcribe. This part included studying the subject in depth, discussing, suggesting ideas.

2 – Once the idea / concept is more concrete, I propose two to three different sketches of the project (Made by hand or digitally)

3 – afterwards, once the sketch validated and corrected, I propose two axes of color research. (Made by hand or digitally)

4 – Finally, only when the first 3 points are validated, I begin the final illustration.

This process is essential to achieve the graphic result / rendering that the customer wants.

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