Karla Ortiz

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Karla is a passionate artist who enjoys working on a diverse and wide variety of projects. As a concept artist with over 5 years of professional experience, Karla has worked for Paragon Studios/NcSoft, Ubisoft, Kabam and now works as a contract concept artist for Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). As a professional Illustrator her clients include Wizards of the Coast, Ace Books, Tor Books and has provided cover work and art for various independent authors and toy makers. As a fine artist her work has shown in the Studio Gallery SF, the Safehouse studios shows, Spoke Art Gallery, Nucleus Gallery, Hashimoto Contemporary and Thinkspace Art Gallery. Karla loves good music, good stories, good laughs and good food. She paints her days away with her significant other and her cat Keedy Bady , and that’s how she likes it.


Gallery affiliation:

Studio Gallery SF
The Safehouse studios shows
Spoke Art Gallery
Nucleus Gallery
Hashimoto Contemporary

Thinkspace Art Gallery

Client List

Industrial Light & Magic
Marvel Film Studios
Wizards of the Coast
Ace Books
Tor Books
Arnold Worldwide

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