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Joan Alturo was born in Barcelona, Spain 1990He studied Fine Arts in the Universitat de Barcelona, illustration in Escola Massana, and a Master in Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth. While he was studying his MA he was awarded Runner-up in the Victoria and Albert student illustrator award 2016 in London.  
 Joan captures a concept and then develops an idea, expressed through visual poetic language. For Joan it is just as important to communicate an idea effectively, as to execute the illustration in an aesthetically appetizing way. Joan’s work is refined and geometric, consolidated with handmade textures, patterns and a bold selective colour palette. He is really inspired by social topics, as well as skateboarding culture.
Client List

The Daily Telegraph
Forbes Spain
Vice Spain
Yo Dona
Mujer Hoy
El Malpensante Magazine
La Directa
TV3 Catalan Chanel
Imborrable Notebooks
The Real Deal LA

For me, it is just as important to communicate an idea effectively, as it is to execute the illustration in an aesthetically appetising way. Therefore once I get an assignment, with the requirements and ideas of the client, I always start with research on the topic to understand better the theme. I then spend time thinking about a suitable concept. This develops into a unique idea, usually expressed through a visual metaphor.

Then I do a few fast sketches with pencil on paper, always taking into consideration the size and format of the image for the final composition. Which is why it’s so important for me to know the final size before I begin drawing.

After the first sketch is approved, I will draw the sketch in more detail and add changes if needed.
Once the final sketch is complete and accepted by the client, I can then scan it onto my computer.

I start the final piece on Adobe Illustrator where I can add the shapes and lines. When I have completed the illustration on Illustrator, I move on Adobe Photoshop where I add and decide the final colour palette. At this stage, I take into consideration the psychology of the colour and how it will affect the meaning of the image. Then finally I do the final details such as the textures and patterns.

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