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Guy Stauber is a UK born illustrator based in Southhampton, UK. Guy’s work is inspired by popular culture , movies and music. He applies these influences to incorporating graphic design , vector  and limited color palette in his illustrations. Aside from his illustration work, Guy is a Trustee for an arts charity ‘A Space’ . They are committed to nurturing emerging artistic talent through a growing infrastructure of project platforms.




Shortlisted for an Emmy for work with ’48 Hours’ documentary programme, CBS News (2014)

Client List

Addict Clothing
Amblin Entertainment
Band of Skulls
Bargate Monument Gallery
Bright Group
Brunswick House historical illustration
Capital House Public Engagement Window Graphic
DC Comics
Golf Magazine
Hachette Book
iBeat Records & A Space Arts
ITV Television
Leo Burnett
Lucasfilm Ltd
Major League Baseball Magazine
Minnesota Twins
Mid Pacific
New York Observer
Part Time Heroes
Popular Science
Quarto Publishing
Science World
Sports Illustrated
The New York Times
Universal Studio
Vara Records
The Wall Street Journal

Stage One –
Assembling the appropriate reference; this requires research into the subject matter & consideration of what effective content should look like. I often take photos of friends, family or myself in order to achieve the required pose & composition. This gives me total flexibility & control over my subject matter.

Stage Two –
I create a library of elements I think might work in the composition, & start to embellish them in a way which will achieve the desired look, feel & mood.

Stage Three –
I start to experiment with background imagery combined with my reference photography. This informs the nature & content of the composition & tells me which elements work together in a cohesive way.

Stage Four –
Refinement of the idea, solidifying the principal components, establishing appropriate hierarchy & examining the type treatment.

Stage 5 –
Making final decisions regarding background, colour scheme & border details. At this point I’m ready to start the illustration proper.

Stage 6 –
Layers are built up using digital illustration techniques, extra detail & depth of field are considered & all key ideas are crystallised.

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