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Eleni Kalorkoti is a Scottish illustrator with a Greek name who now lives and works in beautiful South London.

Having fixed on becoming an illustrator at the age of 17,  she has since developed her love for bold compositions and graphic forms into a career of creating images which combine these elements with a desire to constantly improve and explore the possibilities of ink on paper.

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Client List

New York Times
The New Yorker
Winsor and Newton
The Association of Illustrators
University of Toronto
Oh Comely magazine
Comica Festival
Avery Hill Publishing
German Suddeutsche Zeitung magazine
Delve Weekly
Red Bull
Atelier 27
Giant Robot
Bitch magazine
The Pitchfork Review
Global Blue Marketing
Damn Fine Media
Lucky Peach
The Wellcome Collection
The Victoria & Albert Museum
PARS Foundation
The Media Reform Coalition
Global Yodel
Puck Collective
The Original Metal Box Company
Fight The Dog Ltd
Leeds College of Art
Sarah Agus
Screen Bandita
Seattle Pacific University
Stay Home Club
The Guardian
The Philosopher’s Magazine
Timbuktu Labs Ltd.
Urban Graphic
Yen Magazine
Response Magazine
Sagacity Media
Abrams Books
Morley College
Comic Book Slumber Party
Otto Press
Otto Boreson
Regent’s College
The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust
Pick Me Up
Random House
Tiny Showcase
JFW magazine

I feel my role as an illustrator is to enliven end express the written word, conveying to an audience the themes and tone of a piece in a manner which will captivate and draw them in closer. My job is sort of a form of translation, distilling words down into a single picture which anyone can see, comprehend and be excited by.

My process generally involves responding to a brief with a selection of sketches in which I approach the material from as diverse a set of vantage points as I can. After that I work with the art director of the project to refine one or more of these ideas until we’ve hit on just the right image for the job.

For my final pieces I like to work in whichever medium will express the image to it’s greatest advantage, whether that is watercolour, inks, pencil, collage, digital, or any combination thereof.

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