David Palumbo

  1. conceptual / narrative
  2. sci-fi / fantasy
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  4. work process

As a freelance illustrator, David Palumbo has provided genre themed artwork for everything from book covers and collectible card games to advertisements and concept design.

His work has received multiple honors including several Spectrum medals and a Chesley award and has shown in galleries and exhibitions from New York to Paris.

Client List

Ace Books
Blizzard Entertainment
Centipede Press
Dark Horse Comics
Daw Books
Heavy Metal
Marvel Entertainment
The New Yorker
Night Shade Books
Orbit Books
Pyr Books
Roadrunner Records
Rolling Stone Italia
Science Fiction Book Club
Scientific American
Sideshow Collectibles
Simon and Schuster
Subterranean Press
Tor Books
The Wall Street Journal
Wizards of the Coast

After receiving the brief from the client, I begin with very sketchy and abstract thumbnails to get my thoughts organized. From these I will develop a presentable sketch or assortment of sketches depending on the needs of the job to establish the basic composition, content, and a general value structure and mood for the image. My sketches are most often created in oils with a red monochromatic tone, though simpler digital sketches are an option when the deadline is very short and full color studies are possible if needed. When the sketch is approved, I’ll move right into putting the painting onto the board. My process with oils is fairly direct, generally creating a structural underpainting and then building volume and detail beginning with the key focal area(s) and working outward. If any final adjustments are needed, I will do revisions to the painting or made digital adjustments until it meets the needs of the client.

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