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Daniel Goldfarb is an Israeli illustrator based in Tel-Aviv. He graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2012 and began working as a freelance illustrator in late 2014. His work is noted for a strong graphic sensibility, bold colors, and expressive figures. His editorial works have been published in numerous Israeli newspapers and magazines such as Ha’aretz, Liberal Magazine and Calcalist. He has also worked on advertising and branding projects, comics and a children’s book.


Client List

Discovery Magazine
Liberal Magazine
Discover Magazine
Da’ag Ha’azahav
B.Golan Law Firm
Bleacher Report

When I receive a brief for a new project, I start by thinking what is the information I need to communicate, and what would be the most precise and interesting way to do so. Once the right idea comes along, I begin with very rough drafts to establish a general composition. Then, I start drawing the different elements, each one multiple times, and each new version being based on the former. In the first versions I use quick, thick lines, with the shapes being quite fluid and often change considerably. With each new version, I gradually refine the lines and settle the shapes until I’m satisfied with the result. Finally I add colour in a relatively simple, graphic manner, trying to have it strengthen and add to my initial message.

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