Carlos Miranda

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Carlos is a Venezuelan Illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. He has a background in engineering that combines with his training in illustration and his creative skills, making him a great problem solver for any illustration project. Carlos’ work has thoughtful color choices, and his concepts are fun and sometimes humorous. He brings inanimate objects to life at times, and he can find solutions to complex assignments using symbolism and creating dynamic compositions from interesting perspective points. His influences include pop art, toys, abstract art, surrealism, architecture, and industrial design.

When I’m given an assignment, I usually place a big sketching paper on my drafting table and write down keywords from the assignment to figure out ways in which these words could be interpreted. I try to do as many thumbnails as I can, then I pick up the best 2 ideas, I play around with them by changing their perspective and moving or resizing elements and try to find the most interesting composition. I refine the thumbnail and when time allows or if required, I turn that thumbnail into a bigger refined sketch to show resolved detail of light source and rendering. Most times I solve these issues in my thumbnails. After a thumbnail idea is selected and the sketch is approved, I proceed in creating color composition options; I do at least three different colors but sometimes the idea is so clear in my head that I only need one. When color is approved, I start rendering my piece. I usually use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to finish my work.

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