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Born in Maine, still in Maine, Bruce works from his studio on the shorefront in Cape Elizabeth.

He is a graduate of Rhode Island School Of Design where he received his BFA in Illustration.

Bruce works with traditional tools, pen & ink, scratchboard, and watercolors but delivers his art as a digital file.

Whether your project requires a classic engraving style or a bolder more graphic approach, Bruce has been perfecting his technique for over 30 years.

His award winning illustrations have been featured in ad campaigns, annual reports, brochures, corporate identification, package designs, book covers, and posters for local, regional, national and international clients.

Client List

Cole Ham
TD Bank
National Geographic
The Wall Street Journal
Lands’ End
Busch Gardens
Cornell University
Cornell University
Crabtree & Evelyn
John Hancock
Conde Nast
Boston Magazine
Bon Appetit

In a brief from the creative director, here’s a description of what the client is looking for “the illustration should take the viewer on a visual journey through an open gate to the distillery in the distant background by way of the rolling hills of Kentucky along idealistic productive fields”. Here are the “tools” I use to get underway. Sketch pad, pencil, kneaded eraser, sand paper, x-acto knife, (got to keep those pencils sharp), and this case reference photos supplied by the client.
Step 1: A very loose thumbnail sketch.

Step 2: A little more detailed thumbnail sketch.

Step 3: Starting to add more detail.

Step 4: And a bit more detail. Getting closer to final sketch. Client request to add tree stump in the foreground.

Step 5: Final sketch. Note client request to also add grave marker lower left of the composition.

Here are the tools I use when proceeding  to final art: Claybord (un-inked white scratchboard),archival ink pens and x-acto knife

Step 6: Starting to render detail in ink. In shadow / dark areas I use my x-acto to scrape away ink adding more detail.

Step 7: Getting closer…

Step 8: Almost finished…

Step 9: Final Art!

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