Borja Bonaque

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Borja Bonaque ( Valencia, 1985 ) Designer and illustrator.

Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with a degree in Fine Arts. While studying, he started working as a freelancer for advertising agencies in Spain and abroad. Was named ‘Graduate of the Year’ by Wallpaper magazine in 2009, along with other young artists from different disciplines. His work encompasses both graphic design and advertising and editorial illustration which he develops in his own studio.

Client List

Financial Times
Zoo York
New Scientist
Rioja Wines
House & Garden
Wired Magazine
Plátano de Canarias
Shop Magazine
Make architects
Nobel Spain

My creative process starts and finish with digitals tools. When i have brief from the client, i start to think the right concept / idea. With this information i look for references, objetcs, colors, textures.

Then i start sketching, sometimes it doesn’t take me long to get what i want, if i have the idea clear in my mind. I don’t use to add colors at this stage, it is something that i like to to consider in the final art.

When the sketch is approved by the client, i start the final piece and finish with photoshop.

At the time i’m drawing I value different options of palette colors and when i have my choice and the piece is colored i continue with the photoshop.

At this stage i start to add textures ,light and shadows to the illustration, sometimes i alter the tones if i consider it.

In the case of this project i gave more light to the general piece at the end of the work.

This illustration was made in 2104 for a Variety Magazine cover. The concept talked about females working in below the line roles in Hollywood productions.


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