Aytek Gurkan

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Art has always been in my life from the moment when I started to drawing. After graduated from high school, I applied for art schools in Istanbul and studied Art Management in Istanbul Technical University. Although it was much more theoretical education about curatorial studies, I had a part of me that calling in illustration and design. So I started to teach myself by working as a graphic designer. I currently live and work in Istanbul, Turkey.

Client List

Ada Turizm
Oyuncak Denizi
St. Paul University
MFE Magazine
MSP Communications

When I take on a project the, the first thing I do is understand the product/project and what the client need. At this point, asking the right questions is the most important part that is going to lead me and the client to the final result.

When we have mutual agreement on the direction, I will start to writie and sketch around, and look for interesting ideas. What would make a great connection between the project and image? How to create an illustration that is appealing and unique at the same time?

When I come up with the ideas, I create the sketches and share them with the client. At this stage, feedbacks are very important to lead the project to the final product. Before going into finals, I took all the necessary feedbacks from the client and apply them to the project. If everything is accepted, I’ll send the images with various sizes that client needs.

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