Avalon Nuovo

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Avalon Nuovo is a Los Angeles-bred illustrator living in Amsterdam, working with editorial, motion, advertising, and publishing, among other applications. Her work draws from influences of music, video games, history, nature, and a love of life drawing. It reflects what is usually on her mind: environmental action, social justice, and trying to find and highlight things that make humanity seem a little more promising.


AI-AP International Motion Awards 6
American Illustration 35, 36, 37 (Selected), 39
3×3 International Illustration Show 14, 16
Society of Illustrators 58
Creative Quarterly 42, 44, 48
Society of Illustrators West 55
London International Creative Competition 2016

Client List

The New York Times
BBC Three
GOOD Magazine
Brainfeeder Records
Natur Och Kultur
Flying Eye Books
Brain & Life Magazine
Reveal News
New Community Management

After receiving the brief, I read through the material and go through a process of word association and research to try to extract interesting combinations of ideas. I go through a few iterations before presenting concept sketches to the client — usually three. I like to present sketches that have darks and lights established, so that the client has a good sense of what the final will look like.
I execute the final image digitally, working in raster software (either Photoshop or Procreate). By default I make images at 300dpi, but can work at a higher resolution on request to allow for more scalability. I also work with layers separated so that edits can be made non-destructively.

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