Art on a Grand Scale

Art on a Grand Scale is a collection of the many projects our award-winning illustrators have worked on involving large scale, site-specific custom imagery. Some of our artists can do hand painted murals on site, but many of these examples are scaled reproductions of either digital or traditional art. Therefore, art on a grand scale is an option for artwork of all mediums and styles.

Custom art is capable of transforming a conventional space into an immersive, vibrant, and innovative environment. It can be purely decorative or it can represent a company’s history, culture, or goal. Consider how our art can best represent you.

Consider Art on a Grand Scale.

Mark T. Smith-Valley Bank

Feifei Ruan- Carlsberg Malaysia, Lunar New Year




Rose Wong – Warby Parker, Novi, Michigan



Weitong Mai – Kiehls Lunar New Year



Tran Nguyen – Metamorphosis, Long Beach, CA (hand painted on site)


Tran Nguyen – Prowl, Lancaster, CA (hand painted on site)


Tran Nguyen – Fortune, Kaka’ako, Hawaii (hand painted on site)



Yulong Lli – Airstar Avenue



Daren Lin – Token Ramen (hand painted on site)

Daren Lin – Collective Art Brewing (hand painted on site)



Guy Stauber – Capital House, Student Accommodation



Greg Manchess – Andersen Windows


Greg Manchess – National Geographic Society / Traveling Exhibit, Whydah Ship

Greg Manchess – Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum



Gary Kelley – Barnes & Noble




Gary Kelley – Rock&Roll Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden





Gary Kelley – Google Data Center



John Mattos – The Beaumont Hotel, London


Paul Cox – U.K. Royal College of Surgeons



Douglas Smith – Museum of the Bible, Washington D.C. –  Tapestries



Kent Barton // Bruce Hutchison – San Felipe de Austin Museum



C. F Payne – Cincinnati Playhouse Ohio


C.F Payne – Po Ha Restaurants



Vicki Khuzami – Disneyland Tokyo


Vicki Khuzami – NY Botanical Garden


Vicki Khuzami – Christopherson Robb and Company


Vicki Khuzami – Bloomingdales



Owen Smith – 3D Art Mosaic



Murray Kimber – Caterpillar Financial


Rafal Oblinski – Focus Park, Ryknik, Poland



Rudy Gutiérrez – Macy’s 34th St, NYC


Rudy Gutiérrez – Western Union



Mark Weiner – The Roger Smith Hotel, The Lab


Fabrication and Installation Process