Patrick Arrasmith

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Patrick is a California transplant who’s been happily living and working in Brooklyn, New York for over 13 years. After graduating from the California College of the Arts with a degree in illustration, he was lured to New York by a scholarship from the Society of Illustrators. He specializes in scratchboard illustration, and his work has appeared in a range of media, from the New York Times to HarperCollins books to Shiner beer bottles. Patrick barely gets out of the house when working, but when he does, he tries to make it something interesting. Stamps in his passport include Nepal, Burma, India, Panama, Cambodia, Australia, Vietnam, Jordan, and Bolivia. His goal is to one day collect stamps from every country.

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All work is done in the medium of scratchboard. Scratchboard is a thin layer of white clay, machine-applied to a base of illustration board. The clay is coated with black ink. A blade not unlike a scalpel is used to scratch off lines of the black ink, revealing the white surface below. All color in the illustration is applied on a computer.

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