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Gaston Mendieta is an illustrator who lives and works in Barcelona.

In the search of experiences and to explore different cultures, he has lived in different countries, such as Australia and Colombia. These experiences have changed his way of thinking and working.  He starts his work with analyzing the theme and context and carry out to a finish piece that invites people to have a second thought on regular subject.  

Visually he doesn’t work with too many elements since each of them has a justified objective within the meaning of each project, where the powerful colors are determinant to carry these ideas to their maximum expression.

Client List

New York Times
Forbes Magazine
Kiplinger Magazine
Outside Magazine
New Scientist
Wealth Mgmt. Mag

When I receive a commission my way of working always follows the same pattern, which is the one that gives me some interesting and quick solutions.

When receiving the commission, the first thing to keep in mind is the subject of the same, to whom it is addressed and which language to use.
In my point of view, documentation is very important, it is fundamental since I think that you never know too much about something and refreshing concepts helps in turn to have much more weight and diversity.

Once I have documented on the subject of the commission, I begin to sketch the first ideas, where I try to be very precise and analytical. My way of making sketches is based on creating small boxes inside the sheet, are small because this way I don’t lose in detail, I go directly to translate the idea in a conceptual way, without being decorative, this makes me precise.

This part of the process is the one that takes me longer, because, for me, the concept is what moves the artist to communicate something new and different to a text, for me the big challenge.

Once I have the well defined idea I start to digitize the image, in my case I use adobe Illustrator, since it is a very comfortable program to make any type of change, such as color or format, and in the case of animations / Gifs, Usually adapt very well to the method of work.

Finally, the final art of the illustrations always has a vector finishing, where many times I play with the shadows to give volume and intensity to the illustration. In the case of colors, I always try to make it also a conceptual value within the illustration, since color can represent many ideas within each element.

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