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Daniel Goldfarb is an Israeli illustrator based in Tel-Aviv. He graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2012 and began working as a freelance illustrator in late 2014. His works have been published in numerous Israeli newspapers and magazines such as Ha’aretz, Liberal Magazine and Calcalist.

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When I receive a brief for a new project, I start by thinking what is the information I need to communicate, and what would be the most precise and interesting way to do so. Once the right idea comes along, I begin with very rough drafts to establish a general composition. Then, I start drawing the different elements, each one multiple times, and each new version being based on the former. In the first versions I use quick, thick lines, with the shapes being quite fluid and often change considerably. With each new version, I gradually refine the lines and settle the shapes until I’m satisfied with the result. Finally I add colour in a relatively simple, graphic manner, trying to have it strengthen and add to my initial message.

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